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Tasting Room Staff

Helping novices and beer geeks navigate the crazy world of craft beer, one beer at a time.



Mark - Pour Advisor AKA "The Beer Man" - When you come for a sampling in our Tasting Room you might be lucky enough to find Mark behind the bar. With over 15 years at CB Craft Brewers, Mark is a legend. He started home brewing in his twenties to save money. Needless to say the beer he home-brewed tasted nothing like the beer he was used to drinking & thus another craft beer lover was born! Mark enjoys skiing and hiking, infact he has hiked in Germany, Austria, Scotland, & Ireland! Although Mark loves all kinds of craft beer, his favorite CB Craft Brewers' beer is Caged Alpha Monkey IPA.




Duane - Pour Advisor AKA "Weekend Warrior" - Duane's a fun loving and crazy guy! Rumor has it he sported a coconut bra and grass skirt in a parade once just to make his daughters happy. His kids are fans of our Iron Fireman Root Beer and think he works at the "Root Beer Store". Although Duane enjoys a great root beer, he would rather be sipping our Canandaigua Lake Ale. A craft beer enthusiast, Duane enjoys all styles of craft beer and loves to share his passion with others. Duane Purvis


Ted - Pour Advisor AKA "Professor Brewski" - Ted is one smart dude, in fact, he is a chemistry teacher! Ted can explain on a molecular level what makes beer, beer. He has 4 sons, one of which is a brewer in Alaska. Along with being a home brewer for more than 30 years, Ted is also a part time minister. In his free time he enjoys playing American Six-Wicket Croquet and wood working. Ted's favorite CB beer depends on the season, in the summer is CB Bonobo Session IPA and winter CB Joe Latte Vanilla Coffee Stout.  Ted


Pat - Pour Advisor AKA "Smooth Hoperator" - 

Pat was born and raised in Maine and is a wicked huge New England sports fan. We'll pretend he doesn't like Tom Brady...we will admit that he is a total craft beer enthusiast. He has an impressive collection of tasting glasses and growlers from breweries all over the East Coast. A software engineer and professor at R.I.T. by day, and one kick a** pour advisor by night, Pat is one busy guy. At the end of the day he enjoys an ice cold glass of CB Makumba Double IPA. 

Pat Gillis


Caged Alpha Monkey - Resident Monkey AKA "The Monkey" - The Caged Alpha Monkey is by far our most mischievous employee. When he's not pulling pranks on the rest of the team you can find him in the keg cooler indulging in his favorite CB beer, CB Caged Alpha Monkey IPA. He lives by the quote "Unleash the monkey in you!"and is always down for a good time. What can we say, we love the monkey!  CAM


Michael - Pour Advisor AKA "Big Red" - Michael is a true beer lover. When he's not filling you in on the newest brew in our Tasting Room, he enjoys canoeing, painting, and long walks on the beach. Michaels favorite CB beer is CB Makumba Double IPA.   Michael Monte


Sam - Pour Advisor AKA "Sammy P" - In Sam's words, he has been "serving up beer and smiles since the snow was chilling"! Sam moved to the United States with his twin brother from Britian as a young buck. He is an avid video gamer, and "professional" dart player. Sam's favorite CB beer is CB Brewer's Whim Rasberry Wheat Ale.  Sam Roberts


Charley - Pour Advisor AKA "Double Deuce" - Charley has been part of the CB team for some time and we couldn't be happier to have him! He enjoys reading, listening to music, and pushing his taste buds to the limit by experiencing new beers. Charley's favorite CB brew is CB Wee Heavy Winter Ale.  Charlie


Andy - Pour Advisor AKA "Tall Boy" - You can always count on Andy for a good laugh, he is one of our funniest pour advisors! Andy is a total hop head, he has over 100 different IPAs under his belt! When he isn't sampling a new brew, Andy enjoys hiking with his dog. Andy's favorite CB beer is CB Makumba Double IPA.  Andy Zimmer


Katy F. - Pour Advisor AKA "Barleywine" - Katy is one of our kick butt Pour Advisors! She has been drinking craft beer for as long as she can remember. When Katy isn't at work she enjoys spending time with her family, kayaking, and playing with her dog. Katy's favorite CB beer is CB Brewer's Whim Barleywine.  Katy Foley


Chris - Pour Advisor AKA "Cool Guy Chris" - Chris is the cool guy who fills your growlers. He has been a craft beer enthusiast for over 15 years. When Chris isn't pouring beer he enjoys hiking with his dog and spending time with his family. His favorite CB beer is CB Night Owl Cream Porter. 

Chris cool guy


Eric - Pour Advisor AKA "Barley Pop" - Eric is one happy dude! Along with his passion for teaching, he is all about anything and everything craft beer related. When Eric isn't at work he enjoys fishing, watching football & kickin' it on the beach. Eric's favorite CB beer is CB Twang Farmhouse Ale. Cermit the frog



Pint & Goblet Staff
The crew that serves you great food & cold brews!  


Emily - Pint & Goblet Chef AKA "Chief Cuisinier" - Emily is our lead chef in the Pint & Goblet Tavern, and the inventor of our Full-Barrel Breakfast Bowl! When she's not serving the best Gourmet Burgers around, she enjoys playing pool, seasoning her taste buds with new brews, and listening to records. Emily's favorite CB beer is our seasonal CB Georgia Peach. Emily Booth


Jenn - Pint & Goblet Chef and Pour Advisor AKA "Jen of All Trades" - Jenn is a woman of many trades, a cook and fill in waitress in our Pint & Goblet Tavern, as well as a pour advisor, she does it all! She is also a loving mother to 3 children. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, and collecting pint glasses. "Nothing beats a good beer on the top of a mountain or on the water!". Jenn's favorite CB beers are CB Caged Alpha Monkey IPA and CB Makumba Double IPA.  Jenn West


Ashley - Pint & Goblet Tavern Waitress AKA "Crash" -  Ashley is one of our rockstar waitresses! Her passions in life are her son and horseback riding. Prior to working at CB Craft Brewer's, Ashley admits she wasn't much of a beer drinker! However after working here at a brewery that brews over 100 different beers a year, she has come to find that there really is a beer for everyone! "Crash's" favorite CB brew is CB Brewer's Whim Dopplebock (2016).  Ashley Hall


Caroline - Pint & Goblet Tavern Waitress AKA "Amber Nectar" -  Caroline is one of our awesome waitresses. She is currently in nursing school and is looking forward to graduating! After college, she hopes to find time to learn to play the piano, getting back to home brewing and enjoying the great outdoors. Fun fact, Caroline lived in Poland for a year! She didn't learn a lick of the Polish language but did experience many interesting beers! When Caroline finally has time to relax you can find her rooting for the Bills with a pint of her favorite CB brew, CB Makumba Double IPA. Caroline Summers


The Rest of the Best
Meet the rest of the crew that keeps the brewery running and the beer flowing.

Mike Alcorn - Founder and Chief Craftologist - The guy that started it all. Mike likes a challenge and likes living on the edge. He enjoys most sports, but especially football and basketball. March Madness and Fantasy Football are second only to great craft beer as Mike's hobby's. Life is brought full circle for Mike sitting in the stands while his wife and best friend Luanne embarrasses their 3 boys by cheering loudly over a tackle, touchdown, or three-pointer from way outside the arc.





Luanne Alcorn - Director of Finance AKA "The Fun Facilitator" - Luanne has been here since the beginning! Over the last twenty years, there isn't one thing she hasn't done for this company! Currently she is the CB Craft Brewers Treasurer. She enjoys crocheting, readings, and spending time with her family and two adorable dogs. Luanne's favorite CB brew is CB Night Owl Cream Porter. 


Luanne Alcorn


Kurt Kipfer - Sales Administration, AKA "Brew Traffic Cop" - Kurt has been with us for over 8 years, he's the guy that makes sure our beer is delivered fresh and on time... which is no small feat! Kurt has been home brewing in the early 90's, he even has a hop garden in his backyard. Recently he has started roasting his own coffee, experimenting with different varieties and blends. Although Kurt enjoys all styles of beer, his favorite CB beer is our CB Wee Heavy Winter Ale. 





Logan Abplanalp - Grocery Chain Account Manager AKA "Party Animal" - Logan is the guy who makes sure your favorite grocery store has a fresh stock of your favorite CB Craft  Brewers beers so you can bring home the party! Logan was an elementary school teacher for 8 years before discovering his passion for working in the craft beer industry. He has been home brewing for the last few years and has been steadily expanding his home beer cellar. When Logan's not working he enjoys spending time with his daughter, listening to records, and rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers/Pirates. He loves CB beer so much that he has two favorites, our CB Joe Latte Vanilla Coffee Stout and CB Makumba Double IPA. 


Logan Abplanap



Chloe Clark - Director of Digital Marketing, Event Coordinator, Graphic Design AKA "Social Brew Guru" - Chloe is our social media guru, she also helps with marketing our events and fun parties! Chloe is a beer and animal enthusiast. She is a Licensed Veterinary Technician in NYS but also has a passion for marketing and graphic design. A resident of Honeoye Falls for over 16 years, Chloe has been a fan of CB Craft Brewers since the very beginning. She has fond memories of sampling rootbeer as a kid at our Papermill St. location while her father filled his growlers. Although our Iron Fireman Rootbeer will always have a place in her heart, Chloe's favorite CB beer is CB Brewer's Whim Thanks-Gibbon.  


Chloe Clark



Jason Cefaly - Western New York Brewery Ambassador AKA "Road Warrior " - Jason is the guy who shares our brand's greatness with all of Western New York. Jason enjoys long walks on the beach, golfing, boating, spending time with family, and playing hockey. His favorite CB beer is our seasonal CB Georgia Peach. 


Jason Cefaly



Maureen Kick - Central New York Brewery Ambassador AKA "Hop Hustler" - Maureen is responsible for sharing the CB brand with all of Central New York. She enjoyes craft beer, hiking with her dogs, and a good nacho. Her favorite CB beer is CB Makumba Double IPA.


Maureen Kick







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